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Private Dick Society iron on patch - WAS £6!

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Image of Private Dick Society iron on patch - WAS £6!

'A case like this was gonna take all my powers of deduction, but luckily I'm a dame at the top of my game.'

Fancy yourself as a film noir P.I. with a penchant for the mysterious? Expert at getting the low down on your friends' shady romantic prospects? Always guess 'whodunnit' 3 minutes in to the show? Or just a bit of a dick? Join the Private Dick Society with my iron on patch.

10cm / 4" woven patch with iron on backing. Always recommended to sew around iron on patches for extra security.

To iron on the patch to your jacket:
1. Check the care label of your chosen jacket / garment, and set the iron to the hottest setting that it can handle. Don't use the steam setting. Fabrics like denim and cotton work best.
2. Try out different placements for your patch before fixing it permanently, then put your garment on a flat, heat resistant surface (ironing boards are obviously ideal here!).
3. Put a thin towel, tea towel, or pillowcase over your patch. You don't want your iron to come into direct contact with the face of the patch, but it needs to be thin enough to let the heat through.
4. Iron over the patch with as much pressure as is safe to apply. Do this for around 30 seconds. You can check that it has fully adhered by looking at the edges. Remember your patch will still be hot, so take care!
5. Iron on the opposite side (inside the garment).
6. Whilst iron on patches are easier to use, they always come with a risk of the glue coming 'unstuck', especially if you are washing the garment. If you want your patch to be completely secure, please sew around the edges.